Whose rules are these?

Two episodes into PERSONS UNKNOWN on NBC and it seems like the characters are trapped in a real life video game. Items appear. They're prompted to do "missions". There are definite boundaries to the area where the game is set. Actions that don't "advance the game" are undone when the characters aren't looking. The "NPC"s provide just enough information to keep the game moving. Successful missions open new missions.

I wonder what happens when they level up? That Tori girl on there managed to up her armor class this week. They probably need to stock up on some Potions and Pheonix Downs soon though.

Weird weird television.

Its about damn time.


HeatherMarMal said...

I fucking love that show. 2 episodes in and I'm already hooked.

Marty Nozz said...

Am I the only one who wants to reach through my television, grab that little girl's grandmother by the throat, and start shaking? I know it could be a full on red herring, but every conspiratory instinct in my scarred, beaten body sis screaming "SHE IN ON IT!!!"