My Resumé of Hate.

It's time to come clean with you people: I'm a terrible person.  It has been made clear to me that not only am I a racist, but also a sexist.  I never intended to become one, but unfortunately for me I ended up having an opinion.

The racism part is easy to explain: I think Barack Obama is a terrible president.  I just don't think he's done a good job.  He seems more interested in being cool and campaigning than he does in actually leading the country.  In think he's more interested in catering to special interest groups when issues that affect the country as a whole are not being tended to.  I also don't think he has any ideas as to how to truly fix any of these problems as he just wants to keep raising taxes instead to doing some sensible measures.  Obviously, all of this is because he's a black guy.

There's still this weird undertone of "If you don't like Obama then you're a racist" that pops up here and there.  Sure there's some people out there who don't like him simply because he's black, but there's also many of us who don't like him because of his choices and policies.  But we're back to the old fighting like a six year old tactic of lying to change reality, and claiming something is "hate speech" simply because you don't agree with it.

But this is old news.  Let's talk about me being a sexist.  I discovered this because I've been informed that Seth MacFarlane's little song and dance number at the Oscar's is all about hate.

DAMMIT!  I thought I was being all open to diversity because it had a gay men's chorus in it and I'm still trying to make up for hating all them there gays by eating at Chik-Fil-A.  But no, I'm a terrible sexist because I laughed my ass off.  I don't know what's wrong with me in that I lack the empathy to feel bad for these poor women who were sitting there in gowns that cost more than my annual income and were being systematically called out for choosing to get a bit naked in front of the camera.  Maybe if they hadn't made so much money from it I'd be a better person and feel bad.

Now, the person who let me know this is about "hate" is a woman whom I like a lot.  She's a smart, funny filmmaker.  Tons of talent.  We just disagree about this, so I'm not going to throw out a link to her blog because I don't want anyone going over there and leaving snarky comments.  However, she's truly offended by this so what she should do is make video entitled "We Saw Your Junk", make a nice little song and dance number about it, post it up on YouTube and watch the hits come on in.  Living well is the best revenge and making some coin off of a clever retort is nice.

So let's see.  I don't like Obama, so I'm a racist.  I laughed at that Seth MacFarlane bit, so I'm a sexist.  I still eat at Chik-Fil-A, so I'm still hating those gays.  Oh wait, I nearly forgot, those parents who are being pissy with a school for refusing to let their son use the girls bathroom because of a label they slapped on their kid are morons so obviously I must hate transgender people too.


So that's me.  Big ball o' hate.  I wouldn't blame you all for blocking me from whatever social media I may or may not be one and leaving me all alone with my hate.

Or you could understand that having different point of view isn't hate.  Laughing at satire isn't hate.  Eating Chicken sammiches isn't hate.  And finally the diversity that the people who hurl about allegations of "hate speech" and the like are trying so hard to defend needs to still include white, straight guys too.  Otherwise I'm going to have to find some sort of minority status to claim to fit in.  Which likely wouldn't be too difficult as sane people are getting scarce.