Fit and a bit too trim

The clock radio went off this morning and before I swat the snooze button some woman was talking about some weight loss whatever and it perhaps being able to help get me back to my high school weight. Obviously it was an advertisement for amputation. That or anorexia, because those are the only too ways I'm getting back to my high school weight.

I actually lost about twenty pound in high school. This is not bragging. I went in at 155 pounds and graduated at 135 pounds. This happened pretty quickly when I stopped eating lunch. Those lunches would sit in my gut like a lead brick and the fries they served actually gave me chest pains. Now if you're thinking 135 doesn't sound like a bad weight of a kid, I was six foot one. Oh yes, very underweight. So while I wouldn't mind shedding a few pounds, I've grown up and filled out due to working hard and hitting the gym. Sure I had packed on about 50 pounds since high school at the time of my 10 year high school reunion, but that was not a bad thing.

Weight is just a number. Its fitness and overall health that count. Working hard and keeping a healthy lifestyle tend to have the side effect of having your body looking pretty good too. So no amputation for me, despite some people thinking I should have my head removed. Sorry to disappoint.

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