Costner as Holmes in a Speedo for a Fraction of a Second

It's Sunday, June 27, 2010 and Fedor lost last night. Please send me money because I need money to pay the bookie. If you don't send me money this may be my last blog post for a while. Hard to type with broken fingers.


This video from Hypnos Rêveur got me thinking, which it was supposed to, so Hypnos wins. Thanks a lot, buddy. I was trying to shut my brain off.

Freshman year of college I got stuck in a class that was supposed to make me ponder stuff. We ready different works by different philosophers and the like to try to expose us to different worldviews and broaden or thought processes. It was an alright class. I got a C. The highlight was we watched a video about a bunch of 'New Age' malarkey and immediately following the video I declared the people on it to be "the biggest bunch of Fruit Loops I'd ever seen in my life". Now before the New Agers jump down my throat, there was one broad who put quartz crystals in her cats drinking water to make the cat healthier. She was the sanest one of the bunch. The real loon was the guy who had a psychic rapport with dolphin and they supposedly spoke through him. Although he could in fact be the brightest of the bunch since he figured out a way to make money by having morons sit in an audience and watch him sit in a chair, roll his eyes up in his head, and squeak. Wish I could make bank by impersonating Flipper.

Lunacy aside, on the first day of that class the question proposed to the class, which had a bunch of eighteen year olds hemming and hawing and going bonkers for over an hour was "What is real?" Well the answer is simple: its everything that exists in space and the events that occur in time. However, when you put about twenty eighteen year olds in room and ask that question they can't get at it.

And that is due to a fraction of a second.

There's a lag time between reality and perception of reality. Fortunately its not a very long one. Otherwise I'd get punched in the face before it even registered that the fist was moving. I'd also hit the floor before I processed that I was falling. Brief as it is it can keep people from seeing the truth, because what is does not quite fit in folk's own little reality. They can't understand why anyone could possibly disagree with what they "know" to be true. Visit any internet forum for an example.

So what exists in that split second between reality and perception? Is it the area between sleeping and waking? Is it a world of machines that use people as batteries?

My money is on leprechauns.


Over a week ago TMZ caught up with Kevin Costner at an airport and asked him what he thought about the BP oil spill in the gulf. His answer was a bit surprising. Seems he was on his way to see what he could do about things. This was far from being a case of a bleeding heart celebrity heading to a disaster area clean off birds and have a candid photo opportunity. Big Kev had a plan, some sweet gear, and was ready to help. Makes me want to go buy a copy of WATERWORLD strictly on principle, especially since a small version of the machine makes an appearance in the movie. And it is nice to see some real action in the clean up effort. A lot of people have asked "what are we gonna do?" Kevin Costner knows and is doing it. The first barges with the equipment are being prepped and ready to go.

Thank you, Kevin Costner.


I gave SHERLOCK HOLMES another go around last night. This time I was armed with caffeine, sugar, and art supplies as drawing helps keep me away sometimes. My main criticism of the movie still stands. Robert Downey Jr mumbling in a faux British accent does not work for me and he can be saying the cleverest things ever put on screen but it won't matter if I can't understand a word he is saying. However, I did succeed in making it through the movie this time around and in doing so have found it redeemed.

The only thing that did not work for me is Downey. I'm not saying that it was a bad performance, because it wasn't. I'm not saying that his and Guy Richie's take on Sherlock Holmes is not an interesting or valid one, because it was both. I just didn't really care for it.

Aside from Downey there was plenty to like about the movie. The story was interesting. The scenery was had a gray beauty to it. Jude Law was awesome as Watson. The use of Moriarty was brilliant and incredibly well done with respect to the source material. Moriarty was like The Octopus in THE SPIRIT, always there and with his fingers into thing, but you don't actually see him directly, and often you don't he was involved until after the fact. I'm referring to the comics of course, not that movie from a couple years back.

And this brings me around to SCOTT PILGRIM. I found myself enjoying SHERLOCK HOLMES despite the main character. My biggest gripe about the impending SCOTT PILGRIM movie is that after reading the books I can't stand the main character who is a moron. Can I enjoy the SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE WORLD movie because of my new found ability to get past not liking the title character? Probably not. In the case of SHERLOCK HOLMES I could get caught up in the case. There was interesting things afoot and it was at its heart a detective story. SCOTT PILGRIM is a love story about two characters I don't like. I doubt I'll be able to overcome that.


A little number to go out to one Denis Labelle, who freaking well better do a Dean martin type cover of this song. Because he said so, and I plan to hold him to it.


I don't care much for all the talk of augmented reality and the thoughts on what could be the future of gaming. However, the question was posed to me about what I thought about "inhabiting" a virtual world, and its not for me. There's only so much escapism I can handle. But if I had to pick a location in a video that I was going to live in I do have some ideas. I thought about doing this as a Top 10 list, but really there's not enough video game places I'd care to live in.

1: BULLWORTH from the game BULLY. Nice place. Has a comic shop and a boxing gym. There's a carnival nearby. The movie theater looks cool. I could settle in just fine.

2: WAHU ISLAND which we see in WII FIT and WII RESORT. Looks like a fun little vacation spot, just as long as that volcano doesn't erupt.

3: BALAMB from FINAL FANTASY VII. Seems like a nice town and its by the beach and the train station. That and hunting T-Rexasaurs in the woods sounds fun and challenging.

So that's it for me for today, so now it's over to you!


Battle of the eco-warriors! UFC rules. Who would win: Kevin Costner or Al Gore?

If you could live in any location in a video game, where would it be?

What's your favorite movie with a character you don't like?

Remember to comment about the new format. Also, got a new installment of Tales of Night Life up. I know its been a while since I posted a chapter, but hopefully I'll get things back to a more regular basis. See y'all Wednesday.

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