The Cosmic Joke

An e-friend of mine made a little post on Google Buzz, which was amusing, and yet sparked moral outrage from someone. God, you see, is srs bzns, on this here intarwub, and you're not supposed to make fun of God or Jesus. Nobody tell Denis Leary.

And it seems I'm not supposed to laugh at monkeys either now. God was not trying to be funny when when he created monkeys. Now, I'm not going to sit here and try to say that I have any understanding of the Lord Almighty and his master plan for creation. I grew up going to church, and I am a Christian, although not a very good one. However, that is why it is called faith. We believe in God. We believe in his plan.

And I believe God has a sense of humor and monkeys are inherently funny.

You know who doesn't think monkeys are funny? Communists. That's who.

Even dear ol Gran'pa Monkeyman who "don't like monkeys! They stink!" must admit that monkeys are funny. Especially when wearing fun outfits.

And the word "Monkey" is funny as well. Put the word "monkey" with a word that isn't funny. IT BECOMES FUNNY!!

Monkey holocaust.

Monkey audit.

Monkey Bill Maher.

Monkey terrorism.

Monkey oil spill.

So you see: God loves us, and wants us to smile, because he gave us monkeys. Thanks, God.

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