I demand more supply!!!

In the past two weeks I've spent a total of nine bucks and some loose change at the comic shop. The last time two weeks went by and I spent that little on comics I was in the hospital the whole time. Where's my books!! Its like getting just one crack rock to get through the week on. I got freakin' funny book DTs goin' on over here.

Oh, and as loath as I am to play grammar and spelling nazi upon others due to my spelling and grammar not being the best. If you're posting to declare another person has been defeated by someone, thing, or circumstance and you type "You loose" you're the really loser. "You loose" sounds like something Grog the Caveman would tell Nag the Cavewoman after she got passed around the Clan of the Cavebear a few times.

And I hate everyone on YouTube who has actively tried to get me in particular to look at their videos.

And the conspiracy nutters who thing Alvin Greene is a GOP clandestine plot can all kiss my ass. Morons.

See? This is what happens when I don't get my comics.

Urge to rampage... building...

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