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Off to Baltimore tomorrow. Check out Chris's blog to check out the goodies we'll have at the table.

Peter Petrelli = Kitty Pryde?

I caught the first two episodes of the latest season of HEROES last night. I loved the first season. Wasn't really into the second season. Can't say I'm really feeling this one. Got some spoilers below, so if you missed it last night, bail and come back later.

It's the whole "we've got to stop this future from happening" angle. It worked brilliantly the first time, but this is the third time they've done it. Sure there's a couple of twists here and there. The villains are a good angle. Hiro versus the speedster is pretty cool. I'm not into the Peter from the future bit because frankly I saw that 20 years ago with the X-MEN story "Days of Future's Past".

So, I'll still watch the show. There's nothing else really on on Monday's anyways. They still want to catch lightning in a bottle like they did in the first season. Sorry guys, that's not going to happen.

How much is too much?

After an outstanding workout at the beach on Saturday, a bunch of us karate guys got ourselves loaded up on Chinese food and then someone raised the geek flag. The topic of superheroes bounced about nad briefly landed on Superman.

"I don't like Superman. He's too... super.", One of the guy's remarked. This got a look of confusion from his sensei who replied.

"That's like saying you don't like Marty because he's too Marty."

Which makes one wonder: how much Marty is too much Marty?

Is different amounts of Marty appropriate for different situations?

How can we measure the proper amount of Marty accurately so that one doesn't go overboard?

Does Marty factor into the Anti-Life Equation? It would be much more pleasant if Marty factored into Johnny Quick's Speed Formula.

Are there adverse affects to prolonged exposure to Marty?

These are all important questions. If anyone has a way to get some proper answers, I'd appreciate it.

Moore movies

No, not Michael Moore, Alan Moore. For those not familiar with who this is, he's a writer and quite the celebrated one in comic circles. He's had a few movies made from his works, and to my knowledge, isn't very happy with any of them. I bring this up because another of his works is headed for the big screen, WATCHMEN. So here's where we've been:


I enjoyed the movie mush more than the actual comic, and that's extremely rare for me to say. The film featured heroes from 19th Century literature teaming up to save the world. The movie took a much different approach than the book, opting to go with a lot more action. This worked in it's favor. The book itself read a bit slowly and really dove deeply into the characters and their relationships with each other. Much of this was glossed over in the movie, but still turned in a fun flick to munch popcorn to.


Moore's telling of the story of Jack the Ripper. It's a very thick book, but I managed my way through. The movie, starring Johnny Depp, was also a great departure from the book. Much of the sexuality in the book was toned down or removed. There was also heavy departures in the interpretations of many of the characters. There's actually very little resemblance between the tow other than the title.


A very in depth look of a futre fascist society that got absolutely butchered on screen. I did not trust the Wachowski brothers to handle it appropiately and I was right. They ended up paying tribute to Bush Derangement Syndrome and tried to make an action film out of a drama piece. The book looks at England after a World War in which the the country became a fascist society denying many of it's people basic education and any art. It was done because the world was in a shambles and the Government did what it did in an attempt to restore order. It of course went too far and denied people their freedom. The movie infers that this is the direction that the country will take due to the war against world terror. More pablum from those in the Hollywood hivemind who have completely bought into the mainstream madia's agenda against President Bush. Yet again, major departures in the characters, unto the point that Moore didn't want his name attached to the work.

Which brings us back to WATCHMEN which is the gutting of the idea of superheroes. This pulls apart superheroes as a concept and picks the bones using adaptations of the old Charlton Comics heores. I get the feeling that either people are going to go into it expecting a big superhero movie and being disappointed or they're going to get what they want and another of Moore's works will be butchered.

I think Hoolywood needs to look more at his ABC work. TOM STRONG or TOP 10 would be a couple of things I'd love to see on the big screen.

The trouble with Supergirl.

Supergirl is confusing me. I'm sure I'm not alone here. This is one of the characters in comics with enough bumps in the continuity highway to make readers a bit car sick.

The short of the character is simple: Supergirl is Superman's cousin.

The long of the character is Supergirl is Superman's cousin, but the original died during CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS back in the 80s. Then there was another one was a shape shifting alien. Them there was the fallen angel one. Then there's Power Girl who has had her origin changed more times than I can count but is now settled on being from a parallel universe and is the cousin of that Superman.

That brings us to the current Supergirl. I'm talking about her because she appeared in two comics that I picked up yesterday: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (which starred her and Raven) and ACTION COMICS. It was very much like reading two entirely different characters. Now there's going to be a bit of difference whenever you read the same character written by different writers, however there's usually enough in common that the reader isn't thrown for a loop.

Not only was the behavior of the character very different in the books, but both stories delved a bit into the character's origin, specifically in the handling of her father. The character's main title has finally picked up a little steam so hopefully there will be definitive answers in there. It's kinda weird having a prominent character like this, who was introduced years ago, still be so all over the place referring to how he or she is portrayed. Its like the writers and editors don't know what to do with her.

So, will the real Supergirl please stand up?

Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN was easily the read of the week. Gail Simone has been doing a great job since she took over the writing duties. I haven't been very excited about the relaunch of the title, especially since it was without Greg Rucka. Rucka's run was a brilliant handling of the character and I judge all the other handlings of the character against it.

Wonder Woman is considered one of the "Big Three" of DC Comics along with Superman and batman, but too often doesn't get the respect she's due. The character is the top hand-to-hand fighter in DC comics who has handed Batman his cape and cowl repeatedly. Yet still fan clamor for Batman badassery.

Maybe she's more difficult to relate to. She likens more to the heroes of Greek Mythology than the spandex crowd. She's had to face challenges of the 'gods' as well as mortal threats. Often these challenges come in finding favor with her patrons. She acts as the champion for her godly patrons, but at the same time is subject to their whims.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, the same person who invented the lie detector. Marston also had theories about feminism involving bondage, which hopefully I'll find a link to which explains things much better than I could. So, Wonder Woman carries a Lasso of Truth which works as a lie detector. Does that mean that there are elements of bondage to the character? Yes, but not like one would think. The character has to deal with ritual bondage. As mentioned above she has to maintain favor with her patrons, sometimes even having to ask there permission before acting. This is her faith, she honors it and celebrates it, welcoming the trials set before her.

There's been talk that maybe the character would be better accepted if she took a darker turn. She is an Amazon, so why isn't she a bit more vicious? The character exudes grace. Something I've noticed in my years in martial arts. The tougher the fighter, the less they feel a need to prove it. The character is a great warrior, and she knows it. As such there is no need at act as though she needs to prove it.

I've discussed 'good feminism' versus 'bad feminism'. The conversation came up while watching BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. 'Good feminism' means that strengths of women are displayed and accepted without needing to make men look bad. I think the best catchphrase for 'bad feminism' I've ever heard is "The best man for any job is a woman". Buffy like Wonder Woman is a very strong and capable character. Though both are often surrounded by men they are not damsels in distress, but at the same time they don't make the men in their lives feel inferior simply due to a Y chromosome.

So there you have it. A strong woman in comics who doesn't have to prove it to anyone and carries herself always with grace. And if that's not enough for you g out and buy the comic, the talking albino gorillas are pure awesome.

No pages on the site for Friday.

Chris usually updates the site every Monday and Friday with new pages for y'all. Well, there's no update for today, and that would be my fault. I hit Chris with a Double splash page over in MERE MORTAL and while he could probably get it done and up in time, waiting until Monday won't kill anyone and it'll give Chris time to make it look extra sweet.

As for NIGHT LIFE, with me still making certain format transitions I'm dropping my update schedule to Mondays only for now.

This, that and the other

Got something new. I've begun a series of pulp style prose fiction that can be viewed here. It'll be updating once a month for now, but that may change and become more frequent if there's any demand for it.

For anyone wondering about status of the guy trying to steal from me, it's pretty much all over. I made an appearance on an forum last night, and sure enough he showed up to attack me. There were many wild accusations, and all and all the guy just made himself look foolish. Everyone else that was there were really great. There were many really good questions and hopefully they weren't too bored with my answers.

As for the threats, they're as I expected, empty. My accuser has denied me the option to discuss the matter with his attorney. This is assuming that his attorney actually exists. Since it's a matter of public record that I've made these requests and he's denied them the case would be thrown out of any court in the land. So, his attempted shakedown got him nowhere, but the hits on my site are up, so I guess making this public wasn't a waste of time.

So now I turn my attention to prep for the Baltimore Comicon. If anyone reading this can make it on out to the show, stop by the table. Chris and i would love to meet you.

More coolness!

Chris has been hard at work on the site. As such, check out the new look as well as more Mere Mortal and Night Life!

Yeah, it's still stupid.

Well, it's certainly nice to know where a person stands. Our perspective thief/extortion artist is STILL trying to get me nice and scared. I told him I'd suss it out with his lawyers to see if there was any legitimacy to his claims to "having his copyright", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, and here's the response.

"you know that's not how these things work. nether of our lawyers are required to discuss the fact that they ARE our lawyers,let alone a possible case.(unless ordered to by a judge.) "confidentiality." don't worry,...if you put my character out you'll find out the hard way."

Except, that is how these things work. That's what the lawyers are there for. I could have this cleared up very quickly actually, and put and end to this. He thinks I stole his character, which is apparently a real problem for him since he also claims that Marvel stole a character from him that he created when he was 9. Yet he provides absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever that this character exists. He says there's a confidentiality agreement. Fine, I'll talk to the someone handling the legal side of things to resolve the matter. And there's the response I get.

All this is meant to try to worry me. Hopefully I'll cave in and beg forgiveness. Once jerks like this get power over someone they'll use it. He'll want an apology first and money for damages later. Probably hoping I'll put information of my own up so be used against me.

So, does his company exist? No. He refers to it as MK Comics. I've checked out MK Comics. That company has nothing to do with him. Does he actually have a lawyer? Of course not. Sure people are a little scared of lawyers in this sue-happy society. Unfortunately for the moron in question, I'm not one of them. If he wants to put out the cash to start something he can knock himself out. This might as well be a rite of passage for me.

I've done something in comics that some moron wants a piece of and wants to threaten legal action. I have arrived.

3 things to love about Secret Six

DC treated us to their new SECRET SIX series last week. This book spun out of the COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS series VILLAINS UNITED and also previously had a mini series.

1: It's Gail Simone and Nicola Scott, the same creative team that gave us an awesome run on BIRDS OF PREY. Simone handled the writing chores for the VILLAINS UNITED series as well as the mini series, making both fan favorites. The writing here is just as entertaining. Scott is easily one of my favorite artiest working in comics today. When paired with Simone, it's absolutely magical.

2: Bane may actually get some character development. Really, I've always thought this character was over rated. He broke Batman's back and was then bumped down to jobber status. No one's really done much with the guy. I've heard some grumbling about him being included in the line up, but this character served on the Suicide Squad with Secret Six founding member Deadshot. The pair were double crossed by Amanda Waller and partnered up during SALVATION RUN. Simone seems to have taken all of this into account.

3: This book is a ton of fun. From the butter brickle ice cream to the stripper to repeated vomiting it's a really good time. Combined with the bad guys looking to pull of a job that seemingly can't be done angle and I'm fully on board.

This was easily the read of the week.

Target: Nozz

So, it's all my fault. I knew I should have been smarter. I've got no one to blame but myself. See, for those that have read the previous entries that I tried to hussle up some paying comic work with disasterous results. So, an amusing crash and burn.

Well, I didn't think anything of it, but sure enough I get tracked down on this here blog. And here's the comment I deleted a couple posts ago:

"you have a copyright that is owned by ME.(warsilver) MY E-MAIL IS XXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX my real name is XXXXX.
somehow you even have the same costume,and a chain on it,my question is do you want a lawsuit??

almost everything in/on said character is the same as the character i created in 1992. carbon dating on documents will prove this. I am not being disrespectful,just defending what is MINE.

i have suspicions as to how you got a hold of it. i could be wrong. this could be a case of us thinking alike. its happened before,but in rare instances in comics."

Name and e-mail address blanked out by me. Please note the threat of lawsuit, followed by an attempt to make nice. Classic shakedown. What he's hoping will follow is me freaking out and contacting him begging him not to sue. He'll offer to settle and likely demand some money. That's best case too, odds are I've got an identity thief gunning for me. If he keeps it up I've got no problem siccing the proper authorities on him.

How stupid does he think I am? The incident with me applying for a gig with him was only two months ago? Did he think I had a head injury and just plain forgot all about it? I just thought he was a garden variety nut, but our super-cool buddy Rob tipped me to this being a possible phishing scam. Figure suckering me with the fake comic company didn't pan out, so he's going this route.

This happens every so often. I'm in the position that I have a little bit of a reputation, but I'm not a big gun. Some folks thinks that makes me vulnerable. Got an e-mail once tipping me off that some guy was claiming that he worked for me and I had never heard of them. Weird stuff happens when you put yourself out there.

This guy obviously read my Joe versus Joe entry as well which inspired the last bit. Not a bad scam... if you're targeting a complete idiot, which last I checked, I'm not.

So watch yourselves out there, gang. There's scumbags under them rocks.

Revenge of the moron?

For whatever reason, the shmuck I wrote about here has approached me claiming I've stolen his character. Can't say I'm in the practice of taking ideas from mental patients. Probably just pissed I aired him goofiness for all to gawk and laugh at.