Trolling for Hornets.

Hey howdy, buckaroos! I got one response to my previous post asking whether or not I should pull back to just updating three times per week because I feared that I post so often that it becomes meaningless chatter. And that kind of said something in and of itself, so I'm trying some different things. If you like it, let me know.


The above image was done by an Irish artist that didn't think much of the Pope's thoughts and comments about homosexuality and gay marriage. So, he made this 'art', which is really just trolling. 'Trolling' for those who don't know is doing something, typically online, for the expressed means of ticking people off and getting a response. Usually the troll will duck behind the shields of Free Speech and artisitic expression when attacked. Now, I fully support freedom of speech and don't think artistic expression should be stifled in any way. This way when someone does something stupid like this, we can know who they are and make fun of them, or keep an eye on them in case they get squirrelly.

The artist in question obviously isn't dangerous, but the sole purpose of this piece is to piss off Catholics. People can say how brave and righteous it is, and how 'brilliant' the 'artist' is, but really, it's guy with Photoshop who decided to make a LOLPOPE picture. The guy obviously pissed off about the Pope's stance and that's fine. He has the right to disagree with the Pope. The picture isn't horrible, but the guy is obviously looking to pick a fight. Ultimately, all he's going to get a mostly people rolling their eyes.

So this is the second time in as many months that people have attempted to use art as a means to take a jab at an organized religion that had values they didn't like. Now, this picture is nowhere near as big a fail as the Everybody Draw Muhammad Day idiocy that a bunch of internet morons put together last month, but it seems the trend is there. Be on the lookout next month for the Jews to be targeted by some artistic campaign depicting Rabis eating food that not Kosher.


I love old Green Hornet TV show. They did a marathon on FX years ago and my father and I sat in front of the TV for hours watching it. I'm pretty sure having to listen to the jazzy Flight of the Bumblebess theme song over and over and over again is the reason mom left.

The trailer looks good. Seth Rogan dropped a lot of weight for the role, so good for him. Looks like we'll be getting plenty of action and laughs. I'm all in. There's been a lot of people ticked off at Rogan playing the role. Well, there were a lot of people who were pissed off when Michael Keaton got the role of Batman too. The movie is coming out in January. Smart move. It'll avoid the annual May Marvel madness.


The 2010 Political Bashyo is rolling along. Primaries are being held. People are in a tizzy. The Pop-Star-Turned-Finger-Pointer-in-Chief his just seeing everything meltdown around him and his every decision get lambasted, with people wondering if he just hit is head one too many times on Marine One while getting in. The public at large are really unhappy with the Government, and no amount of advertising and whitewashing is going to make that go away before the election in November. It really is like one monstrous sumo tournament out there.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is on tonight. YAY! So let's have some music.

But that's my wrap-up of today. Feel free to comment on any of bits a talked about and let me know what you think of this new format. See y'all Friday.

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