Live by Facebook...

...And get your ass handed to you via Facebook. This is what is known as poetic justice. Idiot employee sacked because she's an idiot. See, this here internet, people read it. So if you post something on here it may have repercussion if say your boss happens to read it.

There was actually some gripe that employers looking at employee's Facebook accounts and such is some kind of invasion of privacy. This is of course stupid. No one forces anyone to have Facebook, or Twitter, or a blog. In having those things you are making a decision to put information and thoughts were people might see them.

Moral of the story: you don't add your boss to your Facebook friendslist and then go on there to bitch about your job! The majority of people have some gripe or another with their job. I don't love what I do every second that I'm at work, but I'm damn glad to be doing it. I sure as hell wouldn't dare say anything bad about my buddy who provides me the opportunity to work and the compensation for it. Lord knows, he puts up with me in real life and has shot me with a nail gun... well recently anyways... so you're not going to read about me calling my job 'stupid'.

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