Annoyed again TOP 10!

Not fully pissed off, but I'm a bit irksome and here's why.

10: Wendy Williams. She still won't go away.

9: Kristen Stewart. She's pretty weird looking.

8: Robert Patterson. He's really weird looking.

7: Race baiters. playing the race card at every opportunity only makes people not take you seriously when there's a legitimate issue.

6: BP haters. Yes, it's their problem. Yes, they're doing their best to clean it. yes, they've verbally committed to repairing the damage caused. Now everyone shut up and see how they follow through before you light the torches and pitchforks.

5: Chat speak when not texting or on Twitter. If you're writing and e-mail of posting in forum, spelling and grammar still count, you lazy prigs.

4: Yahoo/Facebook partnership. They say it is to make sharing information easier. Wasn't sharing information a problem last month?

3: Federal slack-assery. They seem to hustle right proper when they need to consolidate they power base and try to get on over on the other side, but faced with real problems they take their sweet time.

2: Impending Summer. Once the temperature gets warmer than 72 degrees I cease to be interested in the outdoors.

1: Militant atheists. We get it. You don't believe in a higher power. I'm not telling you you're going to Hell so quit being a pretentious douche to me if I dare to mention the church potluck social.

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