The big letdown

Last December I was very excited to go see SHERLOCK HOLMES. I wanted to get check it out in theaters, but that didn't happen. But, I have a DVD player and a bit of patience. I waited, the move came out. I waited some more, because movies are kinda expensive and with blu-ray the prices on DVDs has been dropping quite a bit. Finally I got a copy and it sat around the house for a few weeks, because still I was waiting, trying to find a time for myself and the Missus to watch it together.

So last night I said "the heck with it" and tossed it in the DVD player. It started nicely in the middle of an exciting case. That's how I like things like this to begin. I quickly became aware of something that was going to be a problem here: Robert Downey Jr was not thrilling me as Holmes. His low mumblings of the lines were nearly incomprehensible to me. Now, this may be my fault as I have partial hearing loss, but i understood what everyone else was saying. I actually had a better idea what Brad Pitt was saying when I watched SNATCH than this.

There was actually a hypnotic effect. Not in Downey drawing me in and controlling my attention, but in that he actually put me to sleep. It does not matter how much clever stuff you say if I can't understand what you are saying. I may make a second attempt to watch the movie as I got about an hour in and tapped out. However if you don't see any blog posts on here for a while its because i tried watching it again and fell into a coma.


Des said...

I see you check out a lot of movies. I have a blog devoted to only movie reviews.
Check it out. I would love to get your opinion on the films I have reviewed.

Marty Nozz said...

I went there an hadn't even heard of most of the movies you've reviewed.

I feel like such a philistine.

Lucille said...

I felt the same way about Robert Downey Jr's performance.

Marty Nozz said...

I started re-reading The Hound of the Baskervilles to cleanse myself.