Nintendo ESP

Denis Lebelle posted that up on Google Buzz.
Frankly, I'm not too much into the future of gaming. I'm not sure when I hit my tipping point, but I obviously have. I'm alright with the motion sensor stuff, but I prefer my old handheld controllers. "Augmented reality" is fine for science fiction, but I'll pass on the goggles or helmet or whatever. And I think 3D is just dumb. The poster kind of misses too with 4D since the fourth dimension is time.

Right now I'm replaying FINAL FANTASY X on my PS2. I have no interest in getting a PS3 or an X-Box. I don't game on my PC. I do have a Wii. I like my Wii. I can play games on there with my kids still in the room. I saw a working Nintendo the other week, complete with about eight cartridges and I found that more exciting than the lump sun of news coming out of that big electronics trade show going on this weekend.

I'm more interested in the experiences I'm going to be having when I go out my door than the one I'm going to have on a video-game-virtual-realty-control-it-with-your-mind machine.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Select, Start.


Zeal said...

Was there a time when you would have chosen the virtual world?

Marty Nozz said...

Nah. I thought about it a little with some fighting games and that it would be kind of cool to have sensors on my body and fight virtual opponents, but my fighting techniques include a lot of tai sabaki and grabbing techniques and it would translate. So about 5 seconds into my flight of fancy about the virtual world I end up shaking my head and thinking it wouldn't work. I'm perfectly happy playing Tekken 5.