And the internet keeps right on turning.

Bangladesh has blocked Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and another site or two due to EDMD (Everybody Draw Muhammad Day). Pakistan has unblocked Facebook now that the images of have been removed. Its official: EDMD is a massive and complete failure. A bunch of morons drawing and posting a bunch of stupid lolmuhammad pictures is not a political statement. It isn't a blow for free speech. It is what I've been saying it is: internet douchbaggery.

I can't say its on the rise, because its a constant. Saw a flare up of it on Google buzz yesterday with people trolling in very stupid manners. Last night saw some dope playing the "puppet master" card after I called him out on being just flat our ridiculous with some of the crap he was posting. It seemed to get under his skin that I did not agree one bit with his point of view. He attempted snark and sarcasm which did not go that well. He later went of to claim he was "playing the person" as opposed to debating the issue. Seen that quite a bit, and frankly anyone claiming to do this may as well just hang it up and just spend their internet time looking at picture of funny kittehs.

Note to morons: if you think you are manipulating anyone via the internet, mostly likely you're only fooling yourself and are looking like a douche.

The internet can provide some degree of anonymity, but ultimately in dealings like this it does the person no good. If you posted a picture for EDMD there are probably no repercussions in your everyday life. However those who saw your work have a lasting impression on your e-you. You may have some difficulty later being taken seriously when you want to be. Some folks may turn their e-backs to you altogether. The puppet master card is just as bad. Posting in forums is a realm of ideas. You're judged on what you bring to the table. The puppet master card is pretty much a sign that you've got nothing and you're hoping to hide behind your internet anonymity. Essentially you're saying, "Sure, I was moron here, but it really all part of my cunning ploy. I'm not really a moron in real life. Really."

For the record there are people that really are puppet masters on the internet. They don't go around announcing it. Its like being cool. You don't get to declare yourself cool. Other people have to do it.

This is coming from a troglodyte banging away on a keyboard with a stick hoping to make e-fire. Declare me what you will.

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