Who loves pizza?

I just got done watching a video on YouTube about arguing on the internet. I'm not going to post it up here, because its kind of long. Now, I recently subscribed to this guy because he does little news stories about entertainment stuff I care about. This video was a bit different from his others, but obviously he was caught up in things and having quite a time with the situation and felt like sharing. I came close to clicking away from the video a few times, but everytime I got read to go for my mouse he'd say something that kept me hanging in just a little bit longer.

And then came the grand finale. I really wasn't going to post about this, but when I went to check my blog here (new follower, yay and welcome) there was an ad for good ol Papa John's in my adsense space. Seemed like fate to me. For those of you who haven't tried ordering pizza online, some of the sites are really cool. One of them even lets you know when your pizza is being prepared and when it's going into the oven and everything. Pretty neat.

So Kent, if you need to order more pizza, feel free to click that ad in my blog here. I'll get a whole penny. One day.

And for the dope who actually posted his home address online with the challenge for Kent to go to that house to fight him: hope you're hungry.

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