Hendricks versus Fox

Christina Hendricks was named the sexiest woman in some list bumping Megan Fox out of the top spot. This is old news. The reason I'm thinking about it now is that Hendricks recently appeared in a music video and there were a lot of comments in the video from people who seemed pretty bitter that she bumped Fox from the perch.

This is pointless really. I'm not a Megan Fox fan, but I'm not going to go bashing her here. I'll make my snarky comments out of the public reading. Sure, I prefer Christina Hendricks. I think she's prettier and a better actress. She also doesn't seem to be as likely to faint from lack of nourishment. Fox is just too skinny for my tastes. At the same time, Fox is working steadily. She's in the upcoming JONAH HEX movie. She's done plenty of TV and movie roles, although we won't be seeing her in TRANSFORMERS 3 due to a bad problem of her foot being stuck kin her mouth. They've already announced a replacement thus dashing the hopes of a good e-friend who certainly wouldn't mind playing Shia Lebouf's love interest. Hendricks is also working plenty.

Both actresses have won awards for their work. Both of them in their own ways are attractive. Getting pissy over who is more attractive is just silly. I've seen plenty of those top whatever lists. Maxim put them out and I'd look through and wonder who most of the people on the list were and realizing how horribly out of touch I am. I'd also ponder for quite a bit what on earth people keep seeing in Angelina Jolie. Loved her in HACKERS but after that, not so much.

Now, what has me interested is that when Hendricks is mentioned and its stated that she was voted sexiest woman alive people who like Megan Fox feel the need to attack. Baselessly picking on one beautiful woman because some things that she's more a attractive than another beautiful woman. Its like high school.

Oh wait. I forgot. Its worse than high school. Its the internet.

You don't go insulting a Monet because someone hung up a Picasso in the same room.

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