Asking Zelda to the Prom

Was posting nerdy video game comment with HeatherMarMal and we were discussing Final Fantasy and then she asked my opinion on Zelda. Now, my relationship with the LEGEND OF ZELDA video game series is kind of weird, and of course I like weird, so here we go.

I, like many twerps my age, had a Nintendo aka No-friend-o. And of course I loved Nintendo. I spent hours playing Nintendo. I absolutely crushed the world scoring record for RC Pro-Am, and yet have no documentation of this, which sucks. But one game i did not have is Legend of Zelda. I had played it at my neighbor's house, but had never actually owned a copy of the game, so my experience with it was limited.

So Zelda to me was that really cute girl I knew in elementary school who I'd play with every-so-often at recess, but otherwise I didn't see her. She was in a different class and lived a bit to far away for hanging out with regularly. She was in a different class. But I liked her. She was nice.

So I had my Nintendo which, while a bit the worse for wear, served me well into college when the Playstation came out. I never had a Sega genesis or a Super Nintendo. I jumped straight to a PS.

This was the equivalent of transferring schools. I didn't even she Zelda at recess anymore, and we were both getting older. She was still doing stuff. We still had friends in common. I'd hear about these amazing things she'd do and thought to myself I'd totally hang out with her if we still went to the same school. I'd see her on TV from time to as well, because she was just that doggone popular.

That's right, I remember the cartoon what used to me on Fridays. The rest of the week was a Super Mario Brothers cartoon and there was a live action wraparound frame show that featured Captain Lou Albano as Mario Mario. Every episode had some big adventure and Link (despite his best efforts and heroism) never got a kiss from princess Zelda. This show actually crossed over into CAPTAIN N THE GAME MASTER on NBC Saturday mornings. I think Link may have finally gotten that kiss.

But now, I have access to a Nintendo DS and a Wii. I have TWILIGHT PRINCESS which I haven't beaten yet, because as a gamer I kind of suck. I'm a total cheat guide invalid with games like these, and I don't have a cheat guide, so its slow going and last I played it I was mucking about this underwater castle that was totally kicking my ass and pissing me off.

So I've transferred back to the same school as Zelda again. But time has passed. She's grown up and is really quite a lady, but I think I've missed quite a bit not growing with her. She totally cool and I am into her, but there's so much of her history that I would love to get to know, but now there's a lot more homework and those pesky after school jobs. But we still see each other, and we get along really well.

And I still think about that little girl at recess in elementary school that I wished I had played with more.


Zeal said...

Your relationship with Zelda is absolutely wonderful. Good luck in your continued courting efforts!

HeatherMarMal said...

Aww, that's adorable :3

Maybe you could find someone named Ganon, beat him up and Zelda will be yours >: )

Marty Nozz said...

Yes, but that could get awkward. Finding someone named Ganon shouldn't be too terribly difficult considering the ridiculous names people are giving their kids nowadays, but him screaming "ITS JUST A GAME! ITS JUST A GAME!!!" over and over again as I'm beating the tar out of him might make me feel a little bad.

HeatherMarMal said...

Oh, but it's just a cover up! He knows what he's done.

Marty Nozz said...

In that case...

*Grabs my sword.*