The wrong bear to poke

The Pakistan infowar is continuing and as predicted there's a lot of upset people over there. For a more professional take (read: not snarky) on the events Yahoo had an article up about it. So we have both sides of the coin upset there. There are those that are upset about the EDMD content, and there are those who are ticked that the government has blocked those sites.

Well, they didn't have a whole lot of choice now did they. Lawyers from Pakistan tried to get that content blocked, but that didn't happen. So the plug got pulled.

Here's a bit that the article touches on that the internet "freedom fighters" behind this didn't think about: Pakistan has an elected government. This means all the people who EDMD offended have a vote. I don't think anyone wants to see what would come to power over there from a campaign running against western blasphemy.

EDMD alienated a demographic that should be embraced. That's the people who really aren't sure about things the west have to offer like the internet. Would their lives be bettered by such things? I'm pretty sure they would, but you can't expect those people to want something when they hear about things on there specifically placed to offend them.

I swear. Its like PETA drowning puppies sometimes. You can't make people see the point of view the freedom of speech and freedom of expression are great when you are putting things up that are offensive.

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