Mister Popularity

Geez, another YouTube subscriber. I HAVE NO VIDEOS! This is obviously an attempt for the goof in question to boost his subscriber count. And for extra irony the video I saw when I looked at his profile curious to see what kind of dope would do this was all "Did you know that Google makes money every time you search for something...."

Hey, Mister Smart-butt, did you know that subscribing to me on YouTube when I have no videos and a message on my profile stating my intention not to post any videos will prompt me to mock you in places where I actually post?

Still feeling clever?

Social media is not a numbers game, its a content game. If I have 1000 friends/followers/disciples/whatever yet I'm not producing any worthwhile content then I'm wasting people's time. And the people who fall for it are just as bad as the perpetrators. What good is having 500 Facebook "friends" if you don't care about what they say? Now, if you're promoting something, like a company or product, that's a different story. Its straight up advertising. For me what I advertise is the content I generate, and the way I network is slower, but more fulfilling to me. I generate content and people either stumble upon it, or i stumble upon them and comment about their content. If they like what I have to say about their work then they may check out mine. Now, I haven't looked through a lot of people's work lately and the amount of people I do follow is modest, but my time online, despite some people's opinions, is limited.

I do not have 1000s of followers, but the ones I do have mostly sought me out and have stayed around hopefully because they like my work. And most of them have interesting content of their own.

Hm. A place where interesting things are said and new, fresh ideas are shared to people from varying backgrounds?

Nah. That'll never work. This is the internet after all.

Bring on the lolcats and pr0n.

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