Another May is done.

I was doing pretty good the last few months. I averaged more than one blog post per day. But it seems I fell short in May. Now I could go blaming it on being away for a week. I could blame it on the passing of my grandmother, bless her. But no. That would be passing the e-buck. And the e-buck stops here.

Actually almost eleven e-bucks have stopped here thanks to Google ads. I'd be more excited if that would pay for my comic book for a week.

So, what's on my mind as I get ready for June?

I need to write more and be more productive. May was a sink hole as far as getting stuff done. Yeah, I banged out a full comic script in record time, but I haven't updated Tales of Night Life in I don't even want to know how long.

The weather is now unpleasantly hot on a daily basis and the bugs are starting to come out. I'm looking into putting up a bat box. Let them eat the little buzzing bastards.

Speaking of Buzz. I've got the June Google Buzz Tourney ready to roll for this weekend. There's going to be more rounds and competitors this time around. Should be fun. This month's topic: Release the Hounds.

Saw the new Scott Pilgrim movie trailer today. Yeah. i'm officially completely out, and if I do go see it its for the expressed purpose of roadhauling that thing on the information superhighway.

Ultimately I'm feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed right now. The only cure for this of course is the kicking of ass and taking of names.



Oscar Devonian said...

Michael. Freakin'. Cera.

Marty Nozz said...

Oh come on. This could be his break out role. Him playing a weird awkward kid would stretch him as an actor.

Oscar Devonian said...

Exactly my point. I'm worried that with such a varied and complex oeuvre he might very well take over the entertainment industry. I mean, if anyone deserves to it's definitely him but I have an ethical objection to that much power being concerntrated in one person's hands, no matter how talented they are.