May's Google Buzz Champ!!

The Ladies of Science Fiction and Fantasy battled fiercely all throughout the six character single elimination tourney. We had plenty of upset and a lot of really close matches and it culminated in a barn burner of a finale.

Nyota Uhura had bested Buffy Summers, Ellen Ripley and even Princess Leia to make it to the finals.

Dana Scully battled for redhead supremacy dispatching 7 of 9 and Leeloo and met with upset queen Wilma Deering in the semi-finals, but strong support saw her through.

Two different eras of Sci-Fi met head-to-head as these ladies vied for votes. With a tie score at the end of regulation voting, we went into overtime. The match remained tied in overtime sending us into Sudden Death!

Finally a winner emerged: Nyota Uhura!

And right now, a very nice woman in Hawaii is cursing as she reads that. Sorry Kristie. <3

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