The best laid plans of pompous twits

As predicted Everybody Draw Muhammad Day has had results and it not the type that the dopes who came up with this plot had intended. Pakistan has blocked Facebook. This effort to strike a blow for Free Speech has resulted in an entire country blocking one of the biggest Social Media sites on the Web. I'm sure this is exactly what Facebook was hoping for since things are going so well for them now with the mass exodus getting ready to go down and them being in deep dip over security of user's personal information.

So the people who started this and have a group on Facebook have managed to strike a blow against the website that they used to push the idea. Way to go, idiots.

Let's break this down real simple like. You have the right to Freedom of Expression in America. You also have the right not to be subjected forcibly to what other people are expressing. They don't want to see Muhammad. It is against their beliefs. Its not like they were being denied viewing images of Muhammad, they aren't interested, and don't want anything to do with it.

So the gaggle of goofs drawing the pictures and yelling "LOOK AT THIS!" like a bunch semi-retarded elementary school students and being ignored en mass by the people they were trying to offend.

And yes, they were trying to offend them. They'll say they're not. They'll claim to be artistic freedom fighter. Ultimately though, they are douches. And now Facebook, rather douchey in its own right, is reaping what the douches have sown.

And the karmic wheel rolls on. Take that, Atheist Barbie.

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