What? No Union Jack cameo?

Captain America his heading across the pond. That's right, the upcoming movie starring Chris Evans will be filmed in England. Well, some of the movie is supposedly set in England, so that's cool, but what about the rest? Why not film it in the States?

Money. Specifically, taxes.

California would tax the hell out of it. England offers significant tax credits for filming a movie over there. So which is smarter? Having to spend a ton of money on taxes, or having that money to make a better movie with the budget you have?

California is in an economic tailspin and there's already companies bailing off of that sinking ship. On the surface its easy to think of those companies as rats deserting that sinking ship, but those rats have employees, with families, and they'd like to be able to eat.

So, is it horrible and unpatriotic that Captain America is being filmed in England? Not so much, but it is pretty ironic. I think everyone thought Hollywood would come crashing down due to sin and excess. Really the bigger problem is government and taxes.

I think the major Hollywood studios should move the Virginia! Of course I say that because being an extra in some big movie would be cool. Best I could hope for with my mug is "victim #3". I can play dead real good. Honest. Ask my boss.

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