Redneck Good Time

Checking through the ol' Nozz Mailbag I found that I got sent a free pass for up to four people to the American Drag Racing League Speedtech U.S. Drags III. Very nice of them, but unfortunately I've got plans the weekend of the event. Not sure exactly what those plans are, but I'm sure when I make them they will be important. They were however to make sure the passes included fine print on the back.

By using this ticket you assume all risks and danger of death, personal injury, property damage, and all other hazards related in any way to attending this event anywhere at the facility at all times before, during and after the races.

Pack the kids up, sweetie! We's goin' to the track!

Dangers include but are not limited to, flying objects,

Including unidentified, spitballs and Frito-pies.

other people,

Flying and otherwise.


Also flying and otherwise.

and conditions at the facility.

Exactly what kind of shithole they holdin' this at?

The American Drag Racing League, its assignees or permittees may use your image or likeness in any live or recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction of all or part of the event, and in any advertisements and/or promotional materials, in the media, anywhere, forever.

That's right: FOREVER! So if your picture gets out and your friends see it and make fun of you going to this thing don't go bitchin' to the ADRL!

This ticket is a license and privilege that the American Drag Racing League may terminate at any time without notice. The event date and time are subject to change without notice.

Well, that will certainly keep me on my toes.

You consent to reasonable search for alcohol, drugs and other prohibited items.

I need some clarification on "reasonable". Not scheduled to my prostrate checked for a while, and when it is it certainly won't be checked by Bubba the Security Guard wondering if I got a dime bag hidden in there.

There's some other stuff in the there, but it wasn't funny. It was kinda funny that that tickets to this event which refuses to be responsible for killing me if I show up was sent to me by CarSafe. Makes me feel safer already.


joven said...

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Marty Nozz said...

Got a fiver that says you never read anything I've written on here. Care to prove me wrong?