Bret Michaels wins big

Just got done watching the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, and Bret Michaels was "hired". I'm pretty sure that if folks were asked about his chances before the season started his odds would be slim to none. Snapple actually matched the prize money of $250.000 so both Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete got the same amount, so ultimately naming a winner was just a formality.

Its no secret that Michaels has had gravely serious health issues since the filming of the show, and there were a lot of questions as to whether or not he'd be able to attend the finale, but he made it. He was moving a little slow, but he was there and looking good. However, this brings up something interesting:

Did Bret Michaels win because of everything he had to overcome outside of the show?

This is a moot point really. Both finalists received the same amount of money. Picking Michaels as the new Celebrity Apprentice is good press for Trump and turns the competition into a nice little feel good story. Nothing against Peete, but I was happy that he won. But did he deserve it based on his merits within the competition?

I say yes. He had led two projects previously and won them both. He contributed a lot to projects he was not leading. His project for the finale was really good and made the finals a real toss up. The man played hard, he played to win, and despite being a bit wild and zany at times, he conducted himself very well with the other competitors. He came off extremely likable on the show. Peete now holds the record of the most money ever amassed on one project in the show's history, but she also had two losses as project manager.

Both competitors were very good. The season was a lot of fun. I think the best person won, and I'm very glad to know that a lot of money was raised for a lot of good causes.

This was win television.

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