I'm back. Hide, f*ckers.

I, in an amazing feat of perseverance and intestinal fortitude, have survived another week in Tokepa, Kansas as well as made the trips there and back via Delta Airlines. Next time I'm flying Southwest as even though I may be stuck flying which I absolutely hate I do enjoy a good barrel roll which should break up the monotony of things nicely.

Over the previous week I spent my time plotting revenge upon people. You know who you are. And if you're not sure you're on the list, please enjoy the next few weeks of paranoia and uncertainty. I find it adds a certain zest to life.

I have received over three dozen e-mails in my absence. Most of them are now deleted.

I read Sky Magazine. Repeatedly. That is until I bought a copy of Men's Journal. Which was only nominally more entertaining. I read about Millennials, Brussels, Robert Downey Jr. doing Wing Chun, and kids in San Francisco getting in trouble in school for wearing clothes with the American Flag on Cinco de Mayo. I'll likely be blogging all of these late except for the last one be cause I can handle it here in the few lines.

San Francisco: you, as a city, suck. You take every liberal notion and extrapolate it to awe inspiring stupidity. I hope that Arizona state government adopts a new law to ship every illegal immigrant they round up to you since you're so in love with them. Viva la Raza.

I'll be launching my next Tourney on Google Buzz tonight if all goes well. The subject will be Ladies of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I've discovered I have four new followers on my blog, which affirms my suspicion that people like me better when I'm gone. Or when the Japanese Pr0n Invasion Virus appears.

Finally, one of my oldest friends posted in the comments here. I swear to God Tim, I thought you were dead. Or in Canada.

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Crushling said...

And to be in Canada is practically worse than being dead, right?

Nice to see you back, Marty. Glad you survived.