Free Speech or DIE, you heathens!

So it seems YouTube has followed Facebook in sites being banned by Pakistan. So morons, under the banner of advocating free speech, have managed to block two of the most popular and biggest websites specializing in sharing content and information from an entire country. Are they trying to redefine "counterproductive"?

Good ol' YouTube. Just yesterday in the comments to a video I had some clown agree with me yet still feel the need to insult me in the same post.

And yes, the YouTube ban was indeed prompted by the Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, which is supposed to be today, so shame on you Pakistan for not waiting. You're supposed to let all the internet dimwits get a chance to offend you first. Bad form.

But really the people behind EDMD are a bunch of sissies. If they were really serious about free speech, they'd try Everybody Say The "N" Word Day. In fact they should. In Harlem. Let me know how that turns out.

Look, I love free speech, but like every freedom, it comes with responsibility. You are responsible for the things you say and express. Did those idiots who started really think there would be no repercussions? It seems that way. Now they've joined groups like Revolution Muslim and the Westboro Baptist Church in hiding behind free speech laws to offend people.

They want the world to have free speech and yet have demonstrated a glaring inability to handle the responsibility of free speech.

Don't expect this mess to end anytime soon.

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