Scott Pilgrim versus Marty Nozz

Hey, what the hell happened here? I've lost top billing in my own blog? Bastard!

Comic book movies aren't letting up with IRONMAN 2 and THE LOSERS heading our way this year, but there's another one that I predict will be doing why well at the box office.

That's right kids, SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE WORLD will be hitting a theater near you. I suspect the buzz shall be hitting a fevered pitch this summer. In fact I've already seen the effects of the trailer hitting the web. The local Barnes and Nobles had a distinct Scott Pilgrim shaped hole on its graphic novels shelf. Volumes one through five of the book sat in their colorful covered glory quite peacefully before the trailer was released. Now they a tell tale gap. This I approve of. If the movie trailer can get people to actually pick up the comic and read it, then I'm quite happy. The thought was with comic book movies that they would boost the sale of the comics which the source material draws from. Unfortunately typical folks won't go buying the books when they can way for the DVD. There tends to be a nominal rise in sales, but that often goes back down to where the sales were at before usually after a month.

This comic has a fiercely loyal following, and I'm not among them. I had seen the books often, but would look past them repeatedly. This seemed to be a good time to look in on this. So, I got done with work a little early and read the first three volumes. There are five volumes currently available and the six and final one will be released this summer before the movie.

The title character is a slacker, bass player in a garage band who falls in love with a girl and must battle her seven eeeeeeevil exes if they are going to stay in a relationship. There's a lot of video game references, and weird battle scenes are sprinkled in here and there.

I found myself really not liking this book. Maybe I'm not cool enough. Perhaps, I'm not ADD enough. Maybe I just got off on the wrong foot with the main character. Y'see we're given his vital stats upon being introduced to him:

Name: Scott Pilgrim
Age: 23
Rating: Awesome

I'm still waiting to see qualification and justification for such a rating. The guy came off as kind of a douche to me. I had no interest in his pursuing a relationship, nor had anything invested emotionally as to the outcome of the story. That's just me though. There's a pretty fiercely loyal fanbase for this book, and they're probably think I'm a moron for not liking this.

I like the book is weird for the sake of being weird. I get that this is a piece about entering into a adult romantic relationship and with that you have to deal with the past of the person you let into your life. I also understand that each of the seven eeeeeeeeevil exes represents a different level of dealing with your new relationship and dealing with the baggage that comes with it. Its a thoughtful and often amusing book.

It also bored me half to death. I bailed after reading halfway through the story. That's three volumes of this, which exceeds my three issue rule, so I've done my due diligence. If you like the book, bully for you. I'm sure you're very excited about the movie and hope it doesn't disappoint.

I'm skipping this one.