I may have to get a PS3 just for this!

Yeah, the media maelstrom was quite a bit nauseating and its still gonna be popping up from time to time, but at least there's something fun on the horizon for us having to suffer through the news taking a break off from doing their jobs of keeping us informed of shit that actually matters and passing of celebrity gossip as something resembling important. That's right, kids: it's Tiger time.

Tier Woods may have been dropped by a bunch of sponsors, not to mention getting whacked in the dome by his wife, but that can't keep a weird looking dude down. Rockster Games, makers of the GREAT THIEF OTTO series of games, has agreed to sponsor Tiger on his comeback in exchange for use of his likeness in the first sports game from the company. I caught up with the developmental head of the impending smash hit game, Bernard Huffer, and asked him a few questions.

MN: Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions, Bernard.

BH: My pleasure.

So will the new Tiger Woods game be ready by the time he gets out on the course and starts playing again?

We're not sure yet. Really that depends on Tiger. You never know when he's going to decide to get back on the course. We are looking at a June release.

This is Rockster's first go at a sports game. What's going to set it apart from other sports games and previous Tiger Woods golf games?

Well, playing in virtual golf tournaments will only be one aspect of the game. There's also going to be missions and a game clock to try to give players a real sense of just how hectic the life of a professional golfer can be. Getting missions completed in a timely manner and still getting Tiger to bad on time can really affect the gameplay out on the course.

How integral are the missions to the actual golf game?

Oh they're vital. The training and practice missions can really improve Tiger's stats and give him and edge out on the course. But, depending on some of the choices you make in the game, some unlockable missions need to be completed so that Tiger's stats don't fall and he extra obstacles don't make things even harder out on the course.

Wow. That sounds really in depth. It almost sounds like there's two different games on there depending on your choices in game.

That's a good way of putting it. Players really do control the difficulty of the game through their actions. Let's say they have to go to a golf tournament. If they arrive, hit the gym, maybe practice on the course and then hit the sack, then they're going to have their stats maxed out for the actual tournament. But if they decide to pick up a girl or two at the bar, they're really going to have keep an eye on the game clock to make sure Tiger gets enough rest for the next day. Also it may unlock the "Find Tiger's cell phone" mission, making it more difficult to get to the tournament on time.

Couldn't the player just skip the mission?

They could, but then the tournament would get that much harder.

How so?

Well, then if they hit the ball in the rough, Elin is waiting for them in the woods with a tire iron. Its hell on your health bar.

Were you able to get celebrity voices for the game?

Well, Tiger's of course. We tried to get Jessica Jaymes, but we couldn't match the money she was getting dressing up like a soccer mom and playing the victim.

So what's the goal of the game?

Well there is multiple endings depending on tournaments won and records beaten in the career stats. We have plenty of really world stats in their like Arnold Palmer's and Wilt Chamberland's.

Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

My pleasure. When will this piece be in GAME INFORMER again?

Got to go. Bye.

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