Why I'm not going to see this movie, yet again.

I'm not going to see that new THE KARATE KID movie, because there's no Karate in it. I've been told, "But it looks good." There's a lot of people who look excited by this flick. It does look like a decent movie, its all Kung-Fu and calling it "Karate" anything insults my intelligence and is misleading in an attempt to cash in on nostalgia.

Let's but it in comic book terms. Let's say the new Superman movie comes out, relaunching the franchise. They retell Superman's origin, but they update it a bit. Sure he rockets to Earth from the planet Krypton and is found and adopted by the Kents which of course inadvertently causing a hole in his soul. The Kents are loving parents, and are fixing that hole in his soul when one day, before his powers develop, the Kents decide they want to go to the movies.

Well, it's tough economic times in Smallville and they get mugged after coming out of the theater. Jonathan and Martha Kent are both shot and killed as poor Clark can only look on. Afterward, Clark travels the world thanks to a huge insurance payout and the farm was doing well. He learns how to fight crime and during this time his super powers kick in. He returns home to wage his one man war on crime. Aided by his faithful farm hand, Al, Clark discovers a large cave underneath the Kent farm. Inspired by the creatures he finds in the cave, he takes on a costumed identity and becomes Batman.

But it's still a Superman movie, right? Superman fans should flock to see it, right?

And no, I'm not trying to give Christopher Nolan any ideas.

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