Nature is a mother.

I do feel bad for Chile. Horrible time to have a natural disaster. A lot of people gave what little extra they could to help Haiti, and trying to get more to help Chile in many cases may be like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. That was a helluva quake too. I was in a few earthquakes when I lived in the Philippines, but nothing like that. Just crazy. Then it goes and sets off tsunamis, which gets me worried about Kristie out there in Hawaii.

This quake was strong enough that it actually shifted the earth's axis ever so slightly, meaning we'll have less than a second less of daylight.

Maybe they'll figure out a way to blame this for the big ol' snow that's dumping down outside. (Insert Global Warming mockery here.) I was in a t-shirt two days ago. Now it's dumping snow as a nor'easter is hitting us and the temperature dropped like a rock.

Was any of this on the Mayan calendar?

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