Indocrination success story

This morning my daughter, who turns 3 today along with her sister, wanted to wear her t-shirt with the Bat symbol on it but we couldn't find it at first. She ran about the house calling out "Batman, where are you?" To which I of course had to answer, "He's sitting in a cave in prehistory after escaping the Omega Sanction, honey, but don't worry he'll be back soon."

She wore this shirt on her shopping spree with Meagan to spend that $5 her great-grandma sent her that was burning a hole in her pocket. Five bucks goes a long way in the dollar store. They now have Spider-man activity books, Spider-man and Ironman bouncey balls and other assorted stuff which they picked out themselves.

They were also taken to Old Navy to get new t-shirts. Rachel picked out a Spider-man shirt. Nicole got a Bat shirt just like the one she was wearing only with short sleeves.

Kids are fun.

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