Looking for Strange?

If you are then head over to Emmy Jackson's awesome site. My entry was selected in her latest fiction challenge.

I'm unreasonably giddy about this!

Seriously, there may be emoticons.


Crushling said...

I just saw and read it.


Was freakin'.


Definitely one of my favorites of yours. Maybe you need more batshit prompts to exercise with.

Marty Nozz said...

The only thing bothering me is that I should have sat on it for a day or two and really gone back through it. I keep seeing spots where I should have added stuff in, not to mention at least two typos which shall haunt me until I die.

Actually they weren't that bad, but typos haunt me and make weird sounds in my house in the dead of night.

I was on a complete bend with it and just banged it out. It was a weird head meats kinda day.