Dem dere aliens are a'comin' for us! They gonna kill the cows and shove weird probes up our poopers! They're coming for us! They'll enslave us all and take our valuable natural resources, like Jenna Jameson!

Wait, you mean those aren't natural?

As I hide from Tito Ortiz, I'm pondering scams. Its kinda funny that I got a Nigerian e-mail and then sure enough something else caught my eye. Yes, it's another YouTube video. Just shut up and watch.

So, is it real? I'm doubting it. It's certainly cool looking. Still, let's consider what movie was just such a massive hit at the movie theaters. AVATAR was mostly a CGI-fest. The tech has gotten to point that computer generated images can look real enough to fool a person.

We have gotten to the point that video footage isn't enough proof anymore. The video above needs to be taken somewhere reputable and analyzed before it could even be considered as hard evidence. The future is a tricky place.

So no, I don't think its an extraterrestrial spacecraft. I made jokes about cattle mutilations, and while gross I know what happens to a dead cow if it's left exposed long enough. As for crop circles, speaking as a guy who lived near a field where crop circles were found and 'experts' said that they couldn't be man made, I know they're fake. I know one of the guys who made them.

Still, doesn't explain how I woke up in that field with a sore keister and why it occasionally beeps.


Pastrami said...

I knowed it wuz true!

willson said...

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