I'm on the verge of caring about Ironman 2

I didn't really like the first movie. Like THE DARK KNIGHT, it wasn't a bad movie, I just didn't really care for it. People say Robert Downey Junior was born for the role and nailed playing Tony Stark. It was more like Robert Downey Junior was being Robert Downey Junior and called himself Tony Stark for 90 minutes. Elements of the movie turned me off, like Stark reneging on his military contracts when his technology could keep troop out of harm's way. The CGI action scenes bored the hell out of me. To be completely honest, I was sitting in the theater with Meagan watching the first movie and there's Ironman in all his CGI glory blowing stuff up and being chased by jets and I was sitting there, quite bored, and wondering what they'd have more interaction between Downey and Paltrow. Their chemistry was easily the best thing about the movie.

So what has me interested? The beginning of this trailer.

I love the idea of a Congress being told a big fat "no" and them not being able to do a damn thing about it.

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