Where's my meds?

It's one of those days where my skull is bouncing in about a dozen different directions. Part of me wants to be depressed that my Government seems to currently be composed of a bunch of elitist pricks. Part of is content knowing America has a tendency of dealing with elitist pricks when they act up. Part of me worries a bit about speaking out decrying the Government because it seems the only jobs they're interested in creating are in the IRS.

Part of me is chilling in my own little world. That's not the world where I'm a super successful writer/artist/warrior who is undefeated in the UFC but still manages to put out his webcomic which is widely praised and generates obscene amounts of cash, all the while fending off offers from Hollywood and every major comic book company to work for them. Nope. This is the world that contains my stories and tends to generate plotlines faster than I can sit down and write them. It's a hectic place that has some concrete parts to it, but the areas around those clear areas are murky and formless and just begging for me to shape it.

Part of me is enjoying my current soreness. Comes from honest and productive labor.

Part of me is ready to scream that there's no good television, but really that depends on what night of the week it is since SUPERNATURAL is back on doing new episodes.

Part of me is actively processing new ways to hurt and injure people in hand-to-hand combat. My bunkai data processor is always running deep within my head meats.

Part of me wonders if this is normal processes. Have I finally just snapped? Am I well rounded or schizophrenic? My mind is pinballing out of control! What could possibly provide me with the calming yet compelling target to focus on?!

Oh wait.

New issue of POWER GIRL came out this week.


I'm good.