Is Obama a super villain?

See, I warned you people. Everyone thought I was nuts, but sure enough I was right. Everyone poo pooed my nay saying of Obama being put into all those comics. Well, everyone except Richard and Chris, however everyone thought it was such a nifty idea. Sure it gave the company a sales boost. Yeah, Joey got on the news for giving away 1000 of the Obama Spider-man comic. And of course we might not have comics like BARACK THE BARBARIAN if not for our Pop-Star-in-Chief.

But you have to wonder....

Would Spidey have given Obama that fist bump if he knew that he'd appoint Norman Osborne to be in charge S.H.I.E.L.D.'s replacement?

Since Obama has vowed to meet with any world leader without preconditions, he'll be having a sit down with Doctor Doom?

In the comments over in the blog post I linked to, our good buddy over at Teatime Brutality made the very astute comment that our comics are acting more like news and our news is acting more like comics. It just keeps going too. We have Nancy Pelosi, fresh off her Hollywood big break as being a stand in for Heath Ledger in THE DARK KNIGHT, making statements like, "We won't know what's in the bill until we pass it." It's called 'reading', you twit.

Even better is Michael Moore, who took time off from eating something, saying that he wants Rahm Emanual's job. I would like to say on behalf of everyone would has ever had a conservative thought in their life: Please do this. Pretty please with sugar on top. Let the entire world see what a farce this all is and let us get back to the business of being a great country again. At the very least you'll give Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly something to make fun of for years to come.

It's really all one big laughable farce. But we're under three years until Obama hits the bricks and hopefully we get someone in the White House who wants to serve the will of the people and not inflict his will upon the people. Still I don't wish ill upon the man and I'm sure he'll enjoy his next job which he seems to already be practicing for as a professional tennis watcher.

Originally I planned on watching an Obama speech and counting all of his 'uh's, 'um's and stutters, because really the man is not a good public speaker at all. He has an excellent speaking voice and that covers it up. I was also going to count how many times he looks from one teleprompter to the other and at five minutes in I was at fifty and just gave up. I couldn't keep up with it. Don't even get me started on his pauses.

Maybe he could be a super villain if PBS's WORDGIRL branches out and needs a villain that corrupts the ability to speak.


Pastrami said...

Not a fan wither-politically, but I've always considered his speaking ability to be pretty good. Course I rarely listen to them...

I hate seeing comics use any of these "gimmicks". It also dates your book when you do this, which no ones cares about because of today's sales boost, but reading Maul calling Dan Quayle "Potatoe head" in Wildcats is something young readers from today wouldn't get.

Marty Nozz said...

Obama's speaking ability is kind of an illusion. He has an excellent speaking voice and that effectively covers his flawed speaking ability.

You are absolutely right about the "gimmicks" in comics. Being topical is fine, but if you do so you have to know that you are effectively "dating" your work.