Something to say versus saying something

It strikes me that I've kept this blog more active in the last couple of months than ever. There was a time last month when I was bent of doing at least one post per day, but I wasn't able to pull that off. Both in February and March I have more entries than days on the month. Sure some of them are little goofy projects like my haiku reviews, which I'll be putting the last of up tomorrow once I secure and actually read my comics this week. Still most of the entries have been gripes and ramblings about actual stuff.

This is an awful lot of time and typing for a guy not making money for it.

I'd sell out, but I haven't clue as to how to go about it. There was that opportunity years ago to sell out when I was offered $10 to review a pheromone based cologne. Sure the notion of spraying it on Chris and turning him loose in the Red Dog Tavern so I good observe him like some strange, twisted show on Animal Planet was tempting. "And now we observe the mating habits of the wild Chris Johnson." But it was only $10 or some of the companies products, and I don't wear cologne. At the time I thought I was worth more than $10, but my Google Adsense has informed me otherwise.

So, why on Earth am I typing stuff nearing every day? Is it a desire to have some sort of record as to what I was thinking our where my head was at? Is it a desire to become a famous dude of words and letters and have money thrown at me because people hang on my every word? Do I just need to get this stuff out?

I'll take the $5.99 combo platter, please.

If I were smart I'd get on of them fancy sponsors and plug their stuff at every opportunity. This of course is conditional on a sponsor wanting me and me being smart. These are two things that seem unlikely.

Ah well.

Y'know, I meant to write about giant robots with Slurpee attack capabilities and using them to save the world from CERN. Yeesh. Maybe I am ADD enough for SCOTT PILGRIM.