This is her fault, I'm sure of it.

OK kids, I think I've figured out the source of the JPI (Japanese Pr0n Invasion) virus. Near as I can figure I've identified Patient Zero, my exposure came from Philip Defranco who was as near as I can figure an unknown carrier. As you can see from the video below, Patient Zero has somehow been sucked down the rabbit hole of kawaiitude and is seemingly beyond any how for recovery. In fact the virus seems to have mutated her to the point where now she is attempting to make up her own cute little slang sayings.

Now, if you have not been inoculated, do not watch this video. If you are Richard and have made it back to the internet after getting stunned by the manga Linda inflicted upon you, just look at the cleavage, you'll be alright.

If you have watched this video and do not have an anti-JPI firewall installed, please do a virus scan to get rid of any JPI footholds in your computer. If you don't, expect Japanese softcore pr0n to suddenly come up on your computer. If you are under the age of 18 and have Japanese pr0n on your computer, and i get angry e-mails from your parents because you blamed me, I do have weapons and I will find you.

For the record, her attempt to create her own slang fails. Its one thing for me to refer to someone getting brutally knocked out by a kick to the head as being "Gonzaga-ed". Being who follow mixed martial arts will likely get the reference. If you have to explain your slang, its not working properly.

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