Chicks on the Can: THE TOP 10!

This week marks the beginning of a new trend in comics. The "Women in Refrigerators" phase is over and a new age is upon us. That's right, its Chicks on the Can. POWER GIRL this week opened with a scene letting us know that even busty Kryptonians from parallel dimensions that aren't there anymore have to go potty from time to time. There's a marvel book out this week following suit with a chick on the can, but right now the name escapes me, and I'm not about to ask again.

"Oh hi, Linda. Hey listen, what was the name of the Marvel comic that just came out with a girl on the toilet? I need to know for research. No really. What? I AM NOT!"

In celebration of this new age the "Chicks on the Can Sketchbook" will be coming soon to a store near you! Just in time for Mother's Day too! make sure to keep you eye on PREVIEWS to see when you can pre-order it! Since I wasn't asked to contribute to this project...

The top ten artists who'll be featured in the "Chicks on the Can" sketchbook!

10: Jim Lee. This is a bit of a stretch for lee since none of his ten stock female poses that he draws looks right siting on the can.

9: various manga artists. Not much of a stretch comsidering the amount of fetishism in Japanese comics, but the big question is: which way will the speed lines go?

8: Tony Daniel. His entry will feature to only toilet on a pedestal, which is necessary since he tends to draw legs that go on forever.

7: Frank Miller. Going to the bathroom has never been so grim and gritty.

6: Michael Turner. His entry, published postmortem, does have a girl and a toilet in it, but not surprising considering how he drew women, the woman depicted is struggling with an nasty case of bulimia.

5: Greg Land. This is another stretch for an artist. Mainly in his Google skills to fine a picture of a girl sitting on a toilet for him to draw.

4: Tony Harris. It took a lot of skill for Harris to do this. Not really artistic skill, but in his ability to talk a woman into sitting in such a position so that he could take a picture to draw from.

3: Jhonen Vasquez. His entry will be featured on a forthcoming t-shirt from Hot Topic.

2: Ed Benes Somehow manages to to feature a girl on the toilet positioned in such a manner as you can see both her rear end and her chest.

1: Rob Leifeld. The toilet, which will indeed have pouches, will blocked out so you can't see the bottom of it. This had to be done due to the danger of Leifeld having to possibly draw feet.

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