The kids are alright

The Kyoshinkan Karate Demo Team had their first competition yesterday at the Beach Blast here in Virginia Beach. I've trained the majority of the team members at one time or another but the credit goes to Bill and Kathy Geissuebel who have coordinated the effort and really made them a team. The team is all teenagers and they bring everything they've got to the table. I was fortunate enough to contribute a little something to the routine in choreography, which I hadn't done in a while but it felt really good.

I've told them, as have Bill and Kathy, that going out there and giving it your best is more important than winning first place. Compete with dignity. Put in the work ahead of time because preparation is what brings success. They've been working for weeks on this.

No wonder they won first place.

Great job Nicole, Anthony, Ashley, Beau, Shannon, Ben and Michelle! I'm proud of you!

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