Holy Crap! It's Japanese Pron Invasion!

I stumbled across this when I was digging the link for my FLASH:AFTERBIRTH blog entry. New comments have started to pop up in my blog. These comments don't show up very well since they're in Japanese and my computer doesn't speak Japanese, BUT the comments looked to be packed with links! Upon clicking them I found myself in what seems to be a Japanese softcore porn site.

This is weird for a number of reasons. Not that links to Japanese porn would end up on here somehow, I mean, it is the internet after all. All it is here is porn and lolicat videos. What is weird is that the linky comments don't appear anywhere past posts I made last October despite being put there just last week. Also there's no pattern to this. I discussed this with Linda last night and we assumed that its a bot homing in on specific keywords. This way we could blame that undead prick Barry Allen for this. However, this is not the case. The comments seem to pop up at random on blog entries and there's no connection. They don't share keywords and the subject matter is varied.

There's something insidious at work here. This thing is devious. This lurking JPI (Japanese Pron Invasion)affliction is slowly attempting to consume my blog! Its in the background, and spreading. It's like that little cough that you just sort of ignore because it's not that bad, but really it's the first signs of Nigerian Shitbeetle Flu. I must purge this thing from my blog now before it gets turned into a porn site!


Kristiine Havener said...

WTF?! How terribly odd. xD

Marty Nozz said...

I know! It's nearly as odd as the ad for Soy Free Cheese Alternative in my Google ads. It's like the internet has determined that my blog was not weird enough on its own and has inflicted weird upon me.