Onward to victory?

Or at least going out barefoot in front of a few hundred people to do stuff and try to win trophies. That's right, tournament season is fast approaching. I haven't talked about karate tournaments or competition for a while and that's because I haven't competed in over a year. Part of it was due to not being able to go to the tournaments due to work schedules and finding someone to watch the kids. Most of it was do to my competitive drive in these things isn't what it used to be. I stopped fighting years ago and mainly just do kata and weapons. I do enjoy hanging out with the other black belts in my division. I like performing. I do pretty well at these and usually end up placing.

So why am I not pumped?

Its a lot to do with priorities. I'd rather be writing or drawing stuff than competing. I'm prouder of my students who get trophies than I am of my own. My whole goal as a Sensei is to make them better than I am. Some days, that's not too hard. Honestly, I have a bunch of trophies. They're in my garage. They start falling apart after a while. I actually threw out some of them when we moved last time.

I got a video e-mailed to me by the VKA (Virginia Karate Alliance)promoting this season. So, I'm going to go out this year to at least one tournament and compete. I'll say "hi" to the guys and chit chat a bit. Then I'll go out and do my best and let the chips fall where they may.