How do you feel about barrel rolls?

I like Southwest Airlines. I like them because I have a feeling that their pilots are all half nuts. They'll get you where you're going one way or another, unless you're Kevin Smith.

So, you all are probably ready for me to spout off my two cents about how Smith was mistreated and embarrassed and how brilliant a film maker and comic writer he is and how shameful Southwest's behavior is. Sorry. Not happening. I might have said something defending Kevin Smith if, one, I still cared about his work, and two, he wasn't throwing an e-hissy fit over it.

There was a time years ago when I thought Kevin Smith was the greatest thing ever. Now, while I still like some of his work, for the most part I've outgrown it. My fandom for him croaked about the time I saw CLERKS 2. It was already on life support after his run on GREEN ARROW. Still, I could probably see his point of view and side with him if he wasn't on a rampage on Twitter. Yeah, it's a messed up situation, but the way to handle this is not behaving like a ticked off teenager. he says he didn't receive any phone calls of apology from the airline. I'm not terribly inclined to believe him. It's pretty bad when the poster boy of Peter Pan Syndrome (Hi, everybody) thinks you should grow up.

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