The Great Uniters

Throughout history people have risen up to bring together two peoples with differing viewpoints and thus giving them common ground. Today is no different as two men have managed to bring together many and give them that common ground in that perhaps they may even start a dialog. And those two people who have worked so hard at being uniters and not dividers, and in my humble opinion deserve nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize, are Mssrs. Parker and Stone, the creators of South Park.

Revolution Muslim has joined Scientologists as being a group that gets all butthurt when they religion is made fun off. Comedy Central, following their history of pussing out under pressure from such groups, ran an edited version of the episode of South Park removing the content that got a death threat from Revolution Muslim.

This is all of course a pathetic display considering that South Park makes fun of everything, including Christianity, and that the fellows of Revolution Muslim should follow the example of their Prophet, embrace their inner Thetan, and simply threaten a lawsuit like a civilized bunch of idiots. I think the first step to their enlightenment would be visiting the Oprah Show, speaking their piece and then jumping up and down on her couch. That is the great thing about Freedom of Speech: nutballs get to say what they think, and we can recognize them as nutballs and thus avoid them.

I don't get to watch South Park as much as I would like since I don't have Cable, and there's not much I miss about not having Cable, but South Park is one thing I miss. And what have we learned today from Revolution Muslim? That they're a bunch of small pathetic losers that don't know how to laugh at themselves.

I'll be waiting for my death threat, so I can make fun of it.

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