The Tourney makes it to Round 2.

So my little e-experiment on Google Buzz has picked up a bit of steam. Enough at least to make it to a second round. This was actually in doubt has with less than sven hours to go in round one not all the match-up had a received any voting. However, upon getting up Tuesday morning I found that all the matches had received some attention. This leads me to believe that Google Buzz is a bit quieter o the weekends than during the weekdays. At least my followers are, which is interesting and good to know.

Round two is off to a much stronger start with all the matches receiving votes and it looks like none of the characters in question are going to coast through.

Round 1 results.

Superman breezed by Ironman.

The Hulk overcame Wonder Woman.

The Flash defeated Spider-Woman.

Hellboy upset Captain America.

Thor overpowered Storm

Captain Marvel squeaked past Green Lantern

Wolverine put the skint on Aquaman

Batman was too much for Spider-man.

Round 2 continues.

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