Handling the Spam Bomber

Since I've started this blog I've had not comment moderation going on. Anyone could say anything they wanted about the stuff I posted up here. It worked fine since the most comments I ever got on any post was six, and most of my posts got no comments at all. While that does make a person wonder if anyone is actually reading this blog and I think there's no point to it suddenly I'll get a few great comments or someone will gank something I wrote to be quoted on another site. I was thinking about packing it on in a couple months ago, but suddenly my follower count tripled and that's just the people who have it showing. There are others that are hidden. So I figure there's probably about 25 people who read this on a semi-regular basis. That's plenty of reason for me to keep going. That's not to say I was all "WAAH! No one luvs me and reads my blog! I'm quitting!" It more like if I'm working on something and people just aren't responding to it, then I need to change what I'm doing.

Well, I certainly have gotten a response lately, which prompted my little tirade against Gucci. There was also some douche who spam bombed one particular post with links about watches, but at least they had the stones to not post anonymously so I could go to his blog and tell him to sod off. Which he did. Which is why there's no blog post ordering everyone to use sun dials.

But in a move to curb the enthusiasm of those little spam bombing ass hats, I have turned on comment moderation on this blog. This is solely to deal with spammers, not to try to dissuade people to comment and give their tow cents on a subject.

This public service announcement is courtesy of Marty Nozz, who believes spam should be eaten and not posted.

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