A star is born, or will be.

In answer to the world's energy needs scientists are planning on making a star. But don't worry, its just going to be a small one. Cute really. It would be very novel if not for one scientist having done it before.

Oh that's right kids, you don't just have to worry about CERN and the LHC ending the planet! They're gonna build a star in California, because that's where all the big stars are! And don't worry if it goes horribly awry, because I think Tobey Maguire lives out there somewhere, and he'll stop it! And if he needs help, he can call Robert Downey Jr.

They want to fire that sucker up in 2012. Oh yeah, the Mayans were right!

That article really does not fill me with a ton of confidence, especially when they say how the scientists are in a hurry wanting to get this done. It goes into detail about what they're doing. I just wish they were going to go into detail about how the hell they're going to contain this thing. Crazy shit happens with stars once their fuel is used up. Red giants. White dwarfs. Oh yeah and black holes. Those tend to suck. However, I hear The Hulk once contained a black hole, so I figure between Edward Norton and Eric Bana we should be covered in case that happens.

Crap. I've got enough to worry about. I don't need to worry about a bunch of guys who failed in their auditions for The Big Bang Theory who managed to get funding because they thought Alfred Molina was onto something, and even though they don't have eight arms, they can do it better.

Oh and firing this machine up will use a complete assload of power. In California. That rolling blackout is going to go all the way to Canada. But don't worry, it'll produce ten times the power it takes to operate. If it works. And doesn't kill us all.

Crap like this is why my hair is going gray.

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