Marty versus Gucci

Notice all those links in my comments for Gucci stuff? Yeah, I didn't put them there. In fact I've even removed some only to have them return. I even sent an e-mail to the company telling them to stop spamming my comments. Yet it continues.

This of course requires a mature, well thought out response.


Screw that. Suck on this, Gucci.

The Top Ten reasons Gucci sucks!

10. They're dedicated to making products that are entirely useless.

9. When your most valuable asset is your name, you've got serious problems.

8. They're owned by cheese-eating surrender monkey aka French people.

7. They test their new products on otters.

6. That new leather Gucci handbag is 100% puppy. Got get 'em, PETA.

5. A portion of they profits goes to fund the Westboro Baptist Church.

4. Wendy Williams has been spotted wearing Gucci.

3. Global Warming. Their fault.

2. Rich people buy their stuff. Go get 'em, libs.

And the number one reason why Gucci sucks:

1. That lily-livered sissy that keeps spam bombing my comments keeps doing it anonymously. Sack up and face me like a real man, you Frenchie!

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