Merry memories

What's that under the tree?  Its seems to be Wednesday, December 21, 2011, wrapped horribly, but yes indeedy, its The Side.  And shame on you for shaking me to see what I am!  I'm all dizzy and stuff now.

Yes, the big day is fast approaching.  I'm not done with my shopping, but fortunately my wife has handled the majority of that.  Pretty much I just have to shop for her.  That can be tricky.  Fortunately a lot of stuff she likes, like video games and movies are things I like, so its kinda like getting a gift for both of us.  I'm not going to pull some Homer Simpson bit and get her a bowling ball drilled to my fingers or anything like that.

Actually, if going bowling wasn't so expensive, she might like a bowling ball.

Hm.  OK, got to go ponder stuff now.  In the meantime, you enjoy some memories.

When I was a kid Christmas was pretty much about two things: presents and family.  Yeah, I did come up a good Methodist kid, and we'd go to candlelight service on Christmas Eve and sing song and enjoy fellowship.  On Christmas day, it was a whirlwind.  I never slept well the night before.  Looking back, the night before was pretty miserable.  The anticipation actually made me sick a few times.  I had a clock in my room and knew I wasn't going to be going downstairs to open presents before six in the morning.  I remember often waiting at the top on the stairs with my brother while my folks made sure Santa had come.  Thinking back now I'm pretty sure they were stalling until the coffee was ready.

My folks weren't wealthy, but they made sure my brother and I got pretty much everything we wanted for Christmas.  For me that was mostly action figures and comic books.  I did get a drum set one year, which I think is the most expensive thing I ever got.  I was pretty decent about practicing on it, but didn't really have much in the way of talent.  I was always pretty content as a kid on Christmas morning.  It was a flurry of wrapping paper and playing while taking a break in there somewhere to eat breakfast.

Sometimes my mom's parents would be staying with us, which was always great for me.  They were a lot of fun.  That brings me to family.  The majority of mine live in the area.  There were two stops to be made on Christmas.  My dad's parents, and we'd see them and whoever else was there at the time.  There'd be food, but I tended to eat light there.  I hang out a bit with my cousins.  Looking back I wish I had spent more time talking with my Gran'dad.  He's a neat old guy.  I found out all this stuff about him later, so I do wish I had taken the time to hear the stories he has to tell.

The other stop that day would vary.  My folks would rotate hosting the family Christmas gathering with my aunts and uncles that live in the area.  So either we'd be back home with everyone coming to us, or off to see everyone.  My aunts can cook like nobody's business.  We're talking about all the trimmings, and a bunch of fat and happy folks by the end of things.  This is my mom's side of the family.  So, we're talking about a bunch of very sharp, witty people who love to laugh and have a good time.

At a certain point we'd sit around and exchange gifts, but I think I liked hearing everyone carrying on best.  These were the people who put up with my nerd nature with a smile and laugh.  The jokes were always there, but never really at anyone's expense.

I had it really good growing up at Christmas time.  Not because of heaps of gifts being dumped on me, but because that was a time for family, and I'm lucky enough to have a great one.

This is my favorite Christmas song. This version is pretty jazzy. I'm digging it.
That's it for me today. Time to get to work and hopefully pick up a gift or two. See y'all friday.

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