LA Prison Blues

OSU! Its Friday, December 9, 2011, I'm ready for a good beating, and the is The Side. Got a Karate seminar that starts this evening and goes all day tomorrow. Really looking forward to it because it should be really great, and I don't have to travel and miss a bunch of work for it.

Quick addendum to Wednesday's post. I did indeed return the cards to Joey at Kings who gave me a refund. He pretty much thought it was BS that anyone would have the cards cheaper in this area, and looked shocked that someone would helm me up over $1.25. When I got home the Missus said that the girl in question claims that she knows Joey and would get the cards from him at a cheaper price. I'm doubting that. I'm going to be having a very good conversation next time I go to the shop.

On to current business. There's a guy I know on Google Plus, Ryan Drewery. We don't agree on a lot of things, but he's a good guy. I respect him. It seems some people who were arrested at some Occupy LA thing were still in jail even though people that had been arrested for worse crimes weren't held that long. Ryan posed the question: why is this? Its a good question, and deserves an answer.

10 of them.


10: Less chances of getting sexually assaulted in jail as opposed to their camp site.

9: Gives them something else to bitch and moan about.

8: Technically, they are still on public property.

7: Less homeless people milling about.

6: They're changing their focus to Occupy Jail to confuse people.

5: The jail had wi-fi, so the they can use their iPhones and iPads to go online and gripe about how bad off they are.

4: Jail smells better than their camp site.

3: All they really wanted was three hots and a cot.

2: They refuse to leave until they finish the game of Monopoly they started. Unfortunately every time someone starts winning the game the other players take all his money and redistribute it evenly to all the players. This is immediately followed by all of them yelling, "SEE? SEE?! IT REALLY DOES WORK!"

1: The line "I've done time" doesn't mean shit until you've been in longer than Henry David Thoreau.


You just know those folks sipping coffee and smoking big cigars are those pesky 1%ers. Great cover of a great song. Hail the Rev!

That's all for me today. Hope to still be in one piece by Sunday. I'm sure i will be, and that piece will likely be bruised. See y'all then.

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